The production of customer-specific norms has a tradition at HAKOS for over 30 years. Standardised mould-making elements, of the kind that are used in the tool making, in jig making and in the manufacturing of pressure die casting, are one of our core competencies. As a partner who is closely integrated in our customers' processes, we have completely and fully adapted our internal structures and production processes to these requirements.

These include blanket and release orders, which are updated weekly in the rolling system, thereby balancing out order peaks as a result of our stockkeeping. We cover our customers' catalogue range with clearly defined standards of precision, the latest quality assurance systems and short project management distances. The basis for our high reliability across all our product lines is our vertical integration, which allows us to perform all the essential production processes in-house or to qualify reliable suppliers. In addition, defined processes ensure that each order is carried out with the greatest possible efficiency. Ongoing investments in the manufacturing facilities mean that technically presentable precision requirements can also be implemented safely during series production.

Your competent partner for standard parts.